Biocrede has built the following small businesses through acquisition and mergers, and grounds up.

Biocrede Endodontics - feel peace feel healthy

Biocrede Endodontics (CA).  Biocrede performed ethnographic research to optimize location to plant the business and is supporting operations, logistics, ERP and site setup.

Advanced Skin Care and Faina European MedSpa (NY, NY).  Biocrede helped merge both businesses, transformed them into a Medical Spa, developed skin care products and formed IP for advanced facial treatment solutions. Established strong investors from China to develop skin care products for the SEA market.

Advanced Veterinary Analysis Laboratory (Monrovia, CA).  Biocrede acquired AVALab in 2018, developed new diagnostic solutions for the veterinary market, streamlined operations and courier logistics, and performed culture improvement.  Sales doubled within 15 months at 15-30%  sales growth per month in later months.  Company was acquired by IDEXX, a global leader in the field of veterinary diagnostics.

Biocrede Medical Solutions (Plymouth, MI).  Biocrede received $3.5M in non-dilutive federal funding and developed IP for technologies used in sensors and epithelial tissue treatments via nitric oxide.  Technologies were spun off to subsequent acquisition entities.