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Biocrede’s Ultrataq DNA Polymerase is a gold standard in next-generation DNA polymerase enzymes. Now you can streamline your PCR process with Biocrede’s Ultrataq 2x MasterMix. Biocrede’s 2x PCR MasterMix provides all of the ingredients necessary for PCR in a premixed and optimized format that simplifies the PCR process. Biocrede offers an array of MasterMixes to accommodate every PCR need. We also offer a line of MasterMixes that come with an inert blue dye and a stabilizer that allow for loading of the pcr products directly into an agarose gel.

-Robust and high yield PCR across an array of templates.
-High processivity and shortened extension period.
-High fidelity, over 50x better than taq polymerase.
-Low cost per unit against comparable enzymes.
-Efficient amplification up to 16 kb.
-Robust amplification of AT and GC rich templates.

-High-throughput PCR
-Amplification of long or difficult amplicons
-DNA cloning
-AT and GC rich templates
-Template generation for NGS library construction
-Phylogenic Analysis



Picture 1: Ultrataq DNA Polymerase successfully amplifies genomic template up to 15.6 kb.

Polymerase Target Length Extension Speed (per min.) Fidelity (vs. Taq) Proofreading MasterMix
Ultrataq 15 kb 3-4 kb 50x Yes Yes
Exactitaq 6 kb 1 kb 60x Yes Yes
Taq 6 kb 1 kb 1x No Yes
Hottaq 6 kb 1 kb 1x No Yes
Infinitaq 11 kb 4-6 kb 10x Yes Yes
Hawkeye 20 kb 3-4 kb 1x No Yes
Hemotaq 1 kb 1 kb 1x No Yes


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Concentration: 2x

Storage: Store all components at -20 °C.Notes

Recommended products: Ultrataq master mix, Ultrataq master mix w/ dye, dNTP, Safe DNA stains

Notes: This product is distributed for laboratory research only.


How can I optimize the reaction for multiplexing?

The polymerase and Mg concentrations need to be optimized in multiplexing and this will need to be evaluated per case by the end user. Primer concentrations for each amplicon in multiplexing would also need to be optimized. The general rule would be lowering the primer concentrations of the strongly amplified targets and increasing the primer concentrations of the weakly amplified targets.

Is Ultrataq DNA Polymerase compatible with Uracil?

Ultrataq DNA polymerase is unable to incorporate dUTP and read through uracil present in DNA templates.

If no amplification products are obtained, what parameters should be considered first when troubleshooting?

First, rerun PCR paying attention that all PCR components are functional and added in the proper volume.

If there is still no product the PCR conditions might be too stringent and should be changed as follows:

  • Lower the annealing temperature in 1 degree increments.
  • Increase the extension time.
  • Increase the amount of template added.

The next most common reasons for PCR failure are the presence of PCR inhibitors in the template DNA and a template or amplicon that is G-C rich. These problems can be mitigated by diluting the template and the addition of our GC enhancer in increments of 1 ul per 50 ul reaction if the target amplicon is G-C rich. 

If none of these troubleshooting techniques resolve the issue then the quality or design of the primers might be the problem.  Try using different amounts of primer in solution or reordering/ redesigning new primers and re-amplifying the amplicon.

Does this enzyme have terminal transferase activity (i.e. adds an A at the end of the PCR product)?

No, all high fidelity polymerases will not have this feature. If you would like to do T/A cloning on ultrataq PCR products, you can clean up the ultrataq PCR reaction first, then mix the cleaned-up ultrataq PCR product with Taq/PCR buffer/dNTP, and incubate it for 15-30 mins. The Taq will add the dA overhangs onto the bestaq PCR products.

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