Job Opportunity - Computer Systems Analyst

Posting date:  Sept 01st 2021


Job Responsibilities:
1. Configuration of ERP system and ERP Data and Project Management
 ERP system integrated with e-commerce, Magento.
 Design product database on server;
 Design client database on server;
 E-commerce database SQL online;
 SSL, and credit card purchases IT safety protection.
2. Company-wide IT server, site, and organization.
 Consult with managers to determine IT systems;
 Research on which IT system to use to increase personnel operational effectiveness;
 Link all computers to server with security encryption;
 Propose and maintain hardware and software;
 Configure, test, and maintain chosen IT systems.
3. Conduct testing of accounting/financial data protection.
 Merge QuickBooks server databases with banks and credit card accounts;
 Merge Magento with QuickBooks to allow tracking of material costs, sales tracking,
and database backup.
4. Conduce e-commerce for systems data analysis projects.
 Perform market size search, SWOT analysis, product cataloguing and strategy for sales via the world wide web using our SSD based server;
 Implement system to allow enough bandwidth for sales and www traffic;
 Perform cost-effectiveness analysis to the e-commerce system and optimize system within the budget.

Job requirements:
Education Requirements: Must have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or Computer Science. Must have taken graduate level courses in ERP Data and Project Management, ERP System Configuration, Information Technology Management and Managerial Accounting.


Please mail resumes to Hao Chen, 46701 Commerce Center Drive Plymouth, MI 48170